Baby Talk: Surprise visit

Guess who came to visit me yesterday?



two weeks and three days.


Happy and proud Mummy.


Photos from a week earlier!

Parents were dog tired!

I took over from Daddy

At the end, the best place was still on daddies chest!


Baby talk: Born 29 December 2016

Not a Christmas baby

Not a New Years baby

but a

Between the two baby!

My little “girly” was born


just after 11 am.

Here are two photos of her, 24 hours after birth.

I saw her again on day four.


I am so proud of being a granny to little Beatrix.

I am also very proud of Stella. the Mummy, for delivering this little treasure into the Kruger family.

Thank you Bertus, I am so proud of  the way you handled the birth of your little


Being a parent is one of the world’s most wonderful


May God bless the three of you.