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  • Silent Sunday: Picture of Beatrix.

  • Baby Talk: Tiny ear

    I am way behind with my blogging. Look at the tiny hairs growing on the side!

  • Wordless Wednesday: Proud Father

  • Baby Talk: Surprise visit

    Guess who came to visit me yesterday? Beatrix two weeks and three days. Happy and proud Mummy. Photos from a week earlier! Parents were dog tired! I took over from Daddy At the end, the best place was still on daddies chest!  

  • Baby talk: Born 29 December 2016

    Not a Christmas baby Not a New Years baby but a Between the two baby! My little “girly” was born 2016/12/29 just after 11 am. Here are two photos of her, 24 hours after birth. I saw her again on day four. I am so proud of being a granny to little Beatrix. I am […]