Photo 101, Day Ten: Mystery + lighting effects


Golden hour.

(My favorite photo!)

Golden hour NZ
Golden hour NZ
Golden hour Upper Hutt
Golden hour Upper Hutt

Mystery and lighting

Sun shining through clouds Middle of the day
Sun shining through clouds Middle of the day

Little bit of changing in the lighting to give a mystic effect.


 Cheri says:

A photograph can create a certain mood and communicate an idea that transcends its subject.

What do you say?

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23 responses to “Photo 101, Day Ten: Mystery + lighting effects”

  1. Love the peak saturation in the photos! Beautiful! Also noticed that you scrapbook. I haven’t in a while due to life changes, but enjoyed it immensely when I did. Have enjoyed some quilting and card making as well. Still have a lot of the supplies and a couple of unfinished quilt projects and unfinished scrapbooks in the closet. Hope to finish them someday. 🙂


    • Glad you love the light in the photos! It looks as if we have a lot in common. I started scrap booking in South Africa , even gave classes at a art shop. Coming to New Zealand I had to start everything from scrap. I attended all kinds of workshops just to start to get out and learn about the ways here. Scrap booking, card making, beading and at the end I am still quilting. Everything is so expensive that I had to scale down in expenses. 🙂

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      • I used to teach scrapbooking myself, and was a consultant for 6 years. Loved it. Life just changed dramatically and I needed to make some changes. I have flown through New Zealand once. Beautiful! My deceased husband and I lived in Australia for 3 years in the 1980’s. Loved our time there – like a fairyland.


        • Yes, a lot to be thankful for. Good to be creative it takes the mind of a lot of things. My husband committed suicide in 1993 and since then it was a struggle to keep things together and going. That’s why I enjoy crafts to ease the mind! Living in NZ is as if in a postcard as one of my blog friends keeps on telling me. I agree with her. Postcard it is indeed 🙂

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          • I’m so sorry to hear about your husband. I am grateful that God has given you good friends, and an inspiring place to live. Even almost 7 years after losing my husband to cancer, I still struggle at times. This past weekend something came up in our home to very much remind me of those days, and I shed some tears. I pray that God continue to strengthen you and comfort you as he has me. Thank you so much for sharing.


    • Thanks, the first one brings back fond memories of the morning before my son’s wedding. The last one is very spooky! 🙂


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