No stopping : FFfAW – 10/06/2015

Thank you to Etol Bagam for providing our prompt photo this week.

The stage was ready for the world’s best show.

During the last rehearsal everything went as planned. Everybody knew what to do  during every moment  of the performance.

Tim, the famous organist felt a tinge in his left hand. He wasn’t worried too much, as soon as he started playing everything would be fine. He had it before. He did not mention it to anyone.

The hall was packed. All were waiting to hear Tim play.

Soft music came from behind the curtains.

Slowly, very slowly, the curtains opened. Tim sat in front of the organ ready to play. The spotlights were full on him. He put his fingers on the keys.


He could not use his left hand.

He started playing the melody with his right hand. The audience did not know during the whole performance that he used only one hand.

Perfect performance!

Word count: 149

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16 responses to “No stopping : FFfAW – 10/06/2015”

  1. I felt the tension build up as I was reading knowing something was going to happen! Poor Tim! Thankfully, no one could tell that he only played with one hand – he must be one hellofa musician! Great story Scrapydo2!


  2. I enjoyed reading your story, Ineke. What a dreadful thing to happen to Tim, just as he was about to start playing. And how marvellous that he managed to play with just his right hand – and the audience didn’t sense a thing! What a great organist he must have been. Well written! .


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