New home.

I visited the new house.

It looks awesome.

Front door.

In the kitchen.


Front door.


Bea taking Mum for a walk!



Baby Talk: Dinner and a horse ride!

The family is back from their Christmas outing.

We had a lovely meal together.

While waiting for our food

Dad gave Bea her meal.

Then we had fun!

We went to Grandma’s place.

Guess what I did?




I was so wild from the start Grandma could not get some good photos.

Only in full motion.

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If you take a good look you can also see grandma’s squeaky Snoopy dog in front of me riding with me on the horse! This doggy is still my Dad’s toy. He still remembers it.

Last Christmas together 2004



This was the last Christmas we were all together. My son left for New Zealand July 2005 and my mother passed away in July 2006. I am glad that I have this photo to look at when starting the festive season.

I am privileged to live in New Zealand since 2009. Also near my only son and his lovely family.

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School Stories: Wig Wednesday

Today was Wig Wednesday for Kids Cancer. The children had to wear a wig or do something with their hair and bring a coin to school for KidsCan.

Before school children.


The school collected $200.00 today. The whole school all dressed up!

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For more information please click the following link

Can you believe it? Chocolate!

My friend presented me with this tiny box!


Chocolate craft at its best.

The chocolate layer is so thin it melts away as soon as you put it in your mouth.

Each one had a delicate taste,

lime, mint, raspberry, coconut, creme Brule

Baby Talk: Surprise visit

Guess who came to visit me yesterday?



two weeks and three days.


Happy and proud Mummy.


Photos from a week earlier!

Parents were dog tired!

I took over from Daddy

At the end, the best place was still on daddies chest!


Afrikaanse Tokkel: Hoe nou gemaak?

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Wat maak n mens in so n geval? Hoe reageer n mens daarop?

Daar word n lekker geleentheid beplan. Die organiseerde/gasvrou stuur drie maande voor die tyd pragtige uitnodigings uit aan n wye groep mense-familie, vriende en bekendes.
In die uitnodiging staan die geleentheid, datum, tyd en plek. Ook die tema word deurgegee.
Almal is opgewonde en beplan wat hul gaan saambring en doen. Die drie maande vlieg verby.
Daar word die laaste inkopies gedoen. Die geleentheid vind plaas op n Sondag omdat sommige ouens van vêr af kom.
Nou vir die tammaletjie:
Die Saterdagoggend voor die Sondag is daar n e-pos wat kortliks die volgende sê:
Jammer dat jul niks verder gehoor het nie maar weens werksdruk was daar nie tyd om enige verdere reëlings deur te gee nie.
Daar word versoek dat gaste asb liewer koopbewyse, van n sekere winkel, moet gee as om allerhande geskenkies te gee. Enige koopbewys sal welkom wees aangesien dit so n kort kennisgewing is.”Oh and try to minimise to many bit and bobs that can clutter easily please (small home)”.

Wil jy nou meer!

Hoe kan mens die dag tevore nog gaan koopbewyse kry en dan nogal van n winkel wat nie eers in die dorp is nie?
Dis darem maar te dik vir n daalder, moet ek sê.
Wat dink jy doen n mens in so n geval?
Gaan jy maar sonder jou geskenkie opdaag of steur jy jou nie aan die laat kennisgewing nie?
Besluit jy maar om nie te gaan nie want…..?

Ek het nou n klippie in die bos gegooi, gooi hom bietjie uit en sê wat jy dink en sou doen?.




I walked all day with the idea to tell how good it feels to mean something to a five-year-old girl.

Yesterday was my last,  late afternoon,  taking care of the last kids. I had been the manager of the Pre- and Post-school centre. I had to stay till six  at night. Parents are supposed to be fined if they collect their children after six. Some stretch it up to the last minute.

Well, I had to wait till after six yesterday before this little girl was picked up by her grandmother. No explanation or apology.

Fortunately, I was in no hurry to go home. Violet, was worried why her mother did not come. I just explained that she probably had to work late.

Violet is a unique little girl. Stubborn as a donkey, outspoken and very curious, cheeky too, yet very brilliant because she is most of the time in her grandparents’ care.

All the other kids were gone by  quarter past five yesterday. I, while waiting, played games on an iPad. The last two children had gone, and I stood up to see if the PlayStation was properly turned off. My iPad still on the table. When I turned my back,  Violet slipped onto my chair, and I heard her playing on my iPad.

I said, “No, no, don’t   play my game!”

She answered, “No, I ‘m playing another game.” (She quickly took another iPad and supposedly started playing) I turned around again, and she played mine again.  I did just like her and blew up my cheeks and looked angry at her. (She thoroughly enjoyed my reaction) I went back to the table and said I want my seat back. She moved on to the next  chair. We played my game because I  supposedly could not play the game and she knew how. (What adults won’t give up to make the little ones happy.) We played for a  while. Very excited Violets put one leg halfway on my lap. We enjoyed playing-she won the steps each time with a little help from me. In the end, she sat on my lap. Violet had forgotten that her mother had not turned up yet. Sy was very satisfied and happy.

This brings me to the real part of the story. Violet is a five-year-old girl, no father, the mother still very young. Her grandparents are doing their best to keep an eye on her. She feels uncertain of her circumstances. She has the cutest face, speaking blue eyes.

I feel so grateful and fortunate to be able to cherish this tiny girl. All she asks is a little bit of love and trust. She totally believes in me. She will, for example, come to me and tell me if something is wrong. How can adults hurt, harass or even kill a child like this? It’s so unfair.

Children are so fragile and vulnerable.

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