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  • Sunday Photo Fiction: Fences

    Please klick the link to see what SPF is all about: “Mummy look at those strange two-legged animals!” Mum Rhino mumbled:” Don’t pay attention to them. I get so frustrated when I see them.” “Why, mum, why can’t I play with them?” Baby Rhino started stamping his feet. Ready to give it a go. […]


  • Sunday Photo Fiction: Circle way

    Do you want more information on the challenge? Visit the following link   The highway to the harbour was all blocked! No one could get through. The accident happened so fast. Trembling and very faint Luke tried to escape the flames inside the vehicle. He had to keep calm. Someone tried to open the […]

  • Sunday Photo Fiction: Fences

      I felt like screaming but instead I burst into tears. Why did it have to be so difficult to be me? I knew I was emotional when I told my friends the good news. To me, it was as if I could sing and dance forever. Then came the message: Don’t tell anybody! I […]

  • Crossing the street: Sunday Photo Fiction-Dec. 13, 2015

    “Can you believe it Quirk? It is green, just like us!” Zweack squeaked into  his tiny microphone in front of his sharp beak. “Tell us more about it Zweack. Hurry up you don’t have very long to stay invisible.” Zweack opened his beak to reply when he suddenly turned into a tornado spout. Round and […]

  • Horse talk: Sunday Photo Fiction

    “Hey Lily girl, why are you so sad? You look exhausted.” Molly-horse was amazed by the look on Lily-horse’s face. Molly loved to talk a lot. She always had the idea that, letting yourself heard was better than to keep quiet. She kept on galloping around telling the world about the adventures they had. Yesterday […]

  • Sunday Photo Fiction: The Barn

    People slowly gathered in front of the old barn. All were anxious to meet the new performer. Nobody knew what he looked like and what he would show them. The town’s people heard about the performer when the distant drums sounded in the woods. Each sound had a different meaning which was the way they […]

  • Watching: Sunday Photo Fiction, Nov 15, 2015

    The tramp gazed at the lion head. He heard the voice again:”Find the gate with the lion head. Look closely. It will bring you luck.” Hardy had some issues with finding the right gate and lion. He found two without any sign of luck. The one in front of him winked at him. He looked […]

  • The hole : Sunday Photo Fiction – November 01, 2015

    “Sammy, where are you?” Sam’s dad called down the hole in the old mine shaft. No answer at first. Then very softly came a tiny voice from deep out of the darkness. “Daddy, Daddy!” Sam’s dad felt like jumping into the hole to comfort his little boy. Again a faint:”Daddy, I’m afraid. Help me!” “Don’t […]

  • Hero: Sunday Photo Fiction – Oct 18, 2015

    Grandpa started: “Lily, my dear lassie, I once had a dog. He was my best friend and companion. I had him before I knew your Grandma. Saved him from the hands of savage boys who were pulling him around by his broken tail. I grabbed the yelling, tiny pup and ran away. I always safed […]

  • Fallen leaves : Sunday Photo Fiction -October 4, 2015

    FALLEN LEAVES Every year, the same time and place, the Autumn fairies start their job painting the leaves in their new colors. Sally fairy, was one of the first ones to arrive at her workplace. What a mess! Unbelievable! All the leaves were already pulled off the trees. Sally could not think what could have […]

  • Single rose bud : Sunday Photo Fiction September 20, 2015

    Single rose bud One single pink rose bud was all  he had left behind. Why was it that the one bud brought back happy memories to Kate, of times spent together? Every weekend Joe and Kate  spent time in each other’s company. They had to do the meetings all secretive. Joe, a married man and […]

  • Glow in the dark. Sunday photo fiction September 13, 2015

    Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words. GLOW IN THE DARK Only a whooshing sound could be heard as the green glowing drop came nearer. The two runaway teenagers stood as if glued to the ground. […]