Sunday Photo Fiction: Fences

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143 02 February 14th 2016

“Mummy look at those strange two-legged animals!”

Mum Rhino mumbled:” Don’t pay attention to them. I get so frustrated when I see them.”

“Why, mum, why can’t I play with them?” Baby Rhino started stamping his feet. Ready to give it a go. He felt the adrenaline building up in his veins.

“No, don’t you dare! The fence has power in it to give a pain shock through you. It can kill you!”

Baby Rhino did not believe his mother. He charged at the two-legged animals bumping into the fence in full force! A burning flame struck him in the face. Poor baby Rhino was lights out. Legs up in the air, he lay there for a few minutes. Mum Rhino was shocked; she tried to help him up. Suddenly baby Rhino came by, jumped up, shook his head and ran off. “I told you not to do it! If you don’t listen, you have to feel the consequences.”


Sunday Photo Fiction: Circle way

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142 02 February 7th 2016


The highway to the harbour was all blocked! No one could get through. The accident happened so fast. Trembling and very faint Luke tried to escape the flames inside the vehicle. He had to keep calm. Someone tried to open the door at his side. Luke pushed while the person outside pulled. Suddenly the door gave way. Luke tumbled out. The rescuer grabbed his arm and dragged him away.

A helicopter was waiting for Luke a little way off. Quickly Luke was pushed into the helicopter and they took off. Nobody asked how he was or how he felt. Up in the sky and over the circling highway.

Luke, the ambassador of  No-where-land, had to be delivered safely to his country.

The speedboat waited in the harbour to take him home.


Sunday Photo Fiction: Fences

138 01 January 10th 2016


I felt like screaming but instead I burst into tears.

Why did it have to be so difficult to be me? I knew I was emotional when I told my friends the good news. To me, it was as if I could sing and dance forever.

Then came the message: Don’t tell anybody!

I felt so angry and absolutely struck to the ground.

Why could I not be happy for once in my life? Why should there always be something or someone to dampen my spirit?  I did not give a damn. I was not going to be fenced in for once. Looking out the window, I could see the fence with the gate. The first step was opening the gate of my emotions. I opened the way to my own happiness and I won’t regret it. Never ever!

Sunday Photo Fiction

Crossing the street: Sunday Photo Fiction-Dec. 13, 2015

134 12 December 13th 2015

“Can you believe it Quirk? It is green, just like us!” Zweack squeaked into  his tiny microphone in front of his sharp beak.

“Tell us more about it Zweack. Hurry up you don’t have very long to stay invisible.”

Zweack opened his beak to reply when he suddenly turned into a tornado spout. Round and around it went and then…

“Mummy, Mummy I caught a green alien!” Jimmy shouted.

“Jimmy come on, stop fantasizing. The green light won’t stay green to cross the street! Hurry up.”

Mum grabbed Jimmy’s hand in which Zweack was stuck to the place he had landed. His eyes were shocked because he thought he was going back to his spaceship. He took his glue gun and shot a squirt down Jimmy’s finger. He quickly slid down into the middle of the road. Next thing Zweack was run over by a black tyre. He clung for dear life as flat as a pancake.

“Phew, that nearly killed me.”

“Bleep, bleep,” came the call he was waiting for: “ Hang on we’re picking you up.”

Horse talk: Sunday Photo Fiction

133 12 December 6th 2015

“Hey Lily girl, why are you so sad? You look exhausted.” Molly-horse was amazed by the look on Lily-horse’s face.

Molly loved to talk a lot. She always had the idea that, letting yourself heard was better than to keep quiet.

She kept on galloping around telling the world about the adventures they had. Yesterday was a day of outings. Visitors took Lily, Molly and two pack horses for a day’s tramping. When they returned home late afternoon Lily could hardly stand. Her rider had pushed her up and down the most difficult paths. She could never stop to rest or drink a bit.

“I hate those people who can’t use the path to reach the top of the hill. Why do I always get the most active riders? I’m getting too old for all this galloping.” Lily felt like passing out. She could not stand the way Molly fussed about nothing.

Lily fell over and  passed away.

Sunday Photo Fiction: The Barn

131 11 November 22nd 2015

People slowly gathered in front of the old barn. All were anxious to meet the new performer. Nobody knew what he looked like and what he would show them.

The town’s people heard about the performer when the distant drums sounded in the woods. Each sound had a different meaning which was the way they communicated with far away settlements. The drums told the village people to gather in the barn at eleven o’clock.

The doors opened.  Music sounded from inside inviting everybody in to join the show. When all were inside the door was shut and locked from the outside.

A strange sound came from behind the curtains. All became dark, just one shining ball could be seen.

A dark voice said: You are all interested in magic. I’ll show you magic by shipping you all to my kingdom.


Watching: Sunday Photo Fiction, Nov 15, 2015

130 11 November 15th 2015

The tramp gazed at the lion head. He heard the voice again:”Find the gate with the lion head. Look closely. It will bring you luck.”

Hardy had some issues with finding the right gate and lion. He found two without any sign of luck.

The one in front of him winked at him. He looked away and then back. Yes, it showed some movement. The mouth was slowly saying something. Hardy concentrated on the lion. He went closer.

” Put your hand in my mouth.”

He slowly reached, a strong hand pushed him forward. The next moment an arm went around his neck:

”Where are the diamonds? Tell me or….”

Hardy could not remember much. The arm let go and the police were all over the attacker. He felt something heavy hit his head.

Voices started calling: “Hardy, are you okay. Well done. We caught all of them.”

Word count: 150




The hole : Sunday Photo Fiction – November 01, 2015

128 11 November 1st 2015

“Sammy, where are you?” Sam’s dad called down the hole in the old mine shaft.

No answer at first. Then very softly came a tiny voice from deep out of the darkness.

“Daddy, Daddy!” Sam’s dad felt like jumping into the hole to comfort his little boy.

Again a faint:”Daddy, I’m afraid. Help me!”

“Don’t move son. I am calling for help. Everything will be okay. I am coming to rescue you! Just hang on son.”

Sammy’s dad called for help on his phone. He asked for ropes and extra people to climb down the deep hole. They had to hurry because it had already been twelve hours since Sammy got lost.

The rescue team came and found Sammy deep down the dark hole. They took Sammy to hospital. He was treated for dehydration and shock. Lucky for him that they found him on time.

Everybody warned about the dangerous open shaft. It was fenced off but it still wasn’t covered.

Hero: Sunday Photo Fiction – Oct 18, 2015

126 10 October 18th 2015

Grandpa started:

“Lily, my dear lassie, I once had a dog. He was my best friend and companion. I had him before I knew your Grandma.

Saved him from the hands of savage boys who were pulling him around by his broken tail. I grabbed the yelling, tiny pup and ran away. I always safed animals in distress. My Mum said nothing, only helped fix its tail and I gave it some milk.”

Grandpa stopped for a minute or two. Lily could not wait to hear the rest of the story.

“What did you call it Grandpa?”

“Wait Lil, I’ll get there,” Grandpa looked lovingly at the stone dog, continued:

“One day when I went fishing I fell and sprained my ankle. The pup, then nearly one year old, ran home and fetched Mum.

The best part was when he brought Grandma and me together. Grandma and some friends were playing in the garden when a car bashed through the hedge.

Hero and I were passing. He charged, grabbed Grandma and pulled her out of danger.

Now Hero’s spirit guards the back garden and we can always remember him” Grandpa wiped away a tear.

195 words

Fallen leaves : Sunday Photo Fiction -October 4, 2015

124 10 October 4th 2015


Every year, the same time and place, the Autumn fairies start their job painting the leaves in their new colors.

Sally fairy, was one of the first ones to arrive at her workplace.

What a mess! Unbelievable!

All the leaves were already pulled off the trees. Sally could not think what could have happened.

Suddenly she heard some giggles and voices from under the bed of leaves.

“He he, that would show those high and mighty fairies how it had to be done!” someone was singing.
Quietly she went nearer to a heap of leaves. Suddenly she pulled away a big brown leave.

“What did you think you were doing pulling down all the leaves before we have  painted them?” she shouted.

The two naughty elves fell over in shock. They had not expected it to be caught right handed.

Sally called the queen fairy on her cell phone. The two elves were locked up.