Liquids : Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge


The Hutt River after yesterdays

torrential rain.

Twin Lakes


050714  black and white (4)


17 responses to “Liquids : Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge”

    • 48mm in half an hour! Think of it how much it was at the end of the day. Photos were taken the day after and the water is halfway down already


    • Yes, the scene took my breath away yesterday. I think the overcast sky helped to make it so clear


  1. Some of these stretches of water look man-made, like reservoirs, although I know natural lakes and waterways can be made to look that way. The picture of the swollen Hutt River is impressive.


    • They are man made. It is a floodplain in the Hutt River. They strengthen them both about to years back. Earth quakes are many here and they had to do it. They enlarged the one also by making a higher wall. They are planning to make another bigger one and two smaller ones a bit up the river.


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