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  • Wordless Wednesday: 9:30 am Upper Hutt

  • Teddy bears in windows NZ 2020

    We are in our second day of Lock Down in New Zealand. We may still go for walks keeping our distances and stay in the neighbourhood. We are putting a toy bear in the window so that when people are passing they can enjoy looking out for the bears. I do not have a teddy […]

  • Corona Virus: 23/03/2020 NZ

    Maandag 23/03/2020 3 pm. Nuus: “All none essential places shut down. Schools close as from tomorrow, only essential staff children can still go;  full lock-down Wednesday evening. Alert level 3 is full-on. After 48 hours we move to alert level 4.” Ek skram al die hele naweek weg om oor die dinge te skryf wat […]

  • Thursday’s Special: Pick a word in July – Y3

    Paula at https://bopaula.wordpress.com/2018/07/05/thursdays-special-pick-a-word-in-july-y3/ gave the following words: canicular splash feathered marine scenic CANICULAR Trompie overheating in summer SPLASH Wellington Harbour, fountain. FEATHERED MARINE Wellington Harbour, New Zealand. SCENIC Upper Hutt, Hutt River, New Zealand.    

  • Skryf-Safarie – Trek jou stapskoene aan.

    https://travel4601.wordpress.com/2018/05/03/skryf-safari-trek-jou-stapskoene-aan/ Bale Drome vra dat ons stapskoene aantrek en wys waarheen die stap lei. 2006 Die jaar 2006 het baie draaie met my geloop. Alles het begin met- My besoek aan Bertus, my seun, wat in 2005 na Nieu Zealand getrek het. Net met sy tas is hy weg uit Suid Afrika om nie weer […]

  • House Sitting no 4: So peaceful

    Trompie inspecting everything, every morning, during the day whenever he got the opportunity to go outside. Some photos of the place itself. This is the last of my house sitting on top of the hills. I am starting another two weeks of house sitting from Friday, January 27 till February 07. We are sitting house […]

  • Wordless Wednesday: Tranquil

  • Spring Festival in Upper Hutt

    http://www.siswp.org/ Saturday morning was cold and wet. I had to help man our table from 10:30  to 12:30. I am a member of Soroptimist Upper Hutt. We had a table at the Spring Festival. We sold second-hand shoes and handbags. Soroptimist Overview Soroptimist International (SI) is a world wide organisation for women in management and […]

  • Frame: The Daily Post: Photo Challenge

    Nancy Thanki says: We frame what we see through our lens. And it tends to be a process, whether you use the golden ratio, the rule of thirds, or just aim for the right balance. https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/frame/ City to Sea Bridge The City to Sea Bridge is a pedestrian bridge and public artwork located in Wellington City, New Zealand. […]

  • School Stories: Narnia dress-up

    White Witch

  • Narrow: The daily post: Photo Challenge

    Ben Huberman says: This week, let’s keep things narrow (but not narrow-minded!): share a photo with your take on the theme. Visit the following link for more information. https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/narrow/ PETONE PIER Hutt Valley New Zealand CABLE CAR Wellington New Zealand

  • Look Up : The Daily Post, Photo Challenge

    Join The daily Post  at https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/look-up/ LOOK UP in Wellington New Zealand. (Photos are all taken by me! Scrapydo) SILVER FERNS Visitors to Wellington’s Civic Square are captivated by this sculpture, ‘Ferns’, by Neil Dawson. A sphere of the silver leaves that have come to symbolise New Zealand, it is suspended between the surrounding buildings […]