Reflections on Blogging from A-Z 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed my first year of

Blogging from A-Z

April 2016.

I survived the twenty-six days of blogging.

I read some interesting blogs and

started following some awesome blogs too.

Here is some interesting information on the likes and comments for my twenty-six days.

Most likes = 24 the letter M – Millie, Molly and Munro

Most comments = 34   Letter I – In production

The letter F had only 6 likes and 9 comments   Family!

8 responses to “Reflections on Blogging from A-Z 2016”

  1. I loved the variety of your posts, and thoroughly enjoyed going through April with you. I particularly liked M too. I’m a sucker for dogs, really miss mine now they’ve passed on.


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