Creative Writing: A Play

A Back yard play

   (I wrote the next piece on Friday, October 30, 2015)

We are all actors in our own right. Each day has its own plays and performances. Without the players, there can be no scenes or performances. 

Today I feel like presenting my own scene to you.

Three weeks of living with animal actors quite produced some excitement!


Luigi:   the “go with the flow “and always on the lookout for something to eat 

Mollie:    Small and delicate, sometimes hyperactive and nervous

Trompie:    the in-between one who actually is a softie, he flees easier than fights!

Two hens:    a Gray very brave one and a smaller grey one, a follower.

Neighbor’s cat:  Black with white-nose- very inquisitive. (There are at least 3 more cats next door)

Opening Scene

Chooks in their run.

Trompie behind bars!

Luigi and Molly walking and sniffing in the garden.

The grass is tall in places and the hens can not see the two browsers all the time. 

Great grey hen decided, “Kek-kek-kek” and fluttered with a short run over the makeshift fence with a large hole mesh.

She lands on the other side of the fence.

Charges Mollie and chases her with a speed back inside the house. 

Luigi- casually, in his search for chicken poo, has not a clue what hits him next.

Chook turns around and charges Luigi. Luigi lazily decides: “Oh, what are you up to? My hair is so thick I feel nothing!”

The chook keeps trying to jump on top of Luigi. She chases him also inside. 

In the meantime Trompie, very excited, watches the spectacle unfold!

Scene two

The keeper(that’s me) chases the hen back into the pen! Don’t think it’s easy! Chook keeps on passing the opening. The other one also tries to escape. Both Chooks back!

Trompie gets a chance to see what it was all about. The other two obviously followed as a backup. 

Sniff, sniff all on the track! Too close to the pen! 

Chook decides: “Wait a minute! That one I have not charged at yet”!

She rushes to the fence and guess what? In three big strides Trompie is back into the house.

Scene three

Each afternoon from  1 to 2 pm, the dog’s troika and the observer have a “nanny nap”. Everything is quiet. The music on TV is soothing. Trompie lying on my left leg, Luigi on the right side and sister Mollie between the two feet.

Relaxed and everyone snoozes.

Suddenly, cackle-cackle and some flutter. 

Everyone on the lazy boy chair jumps off. Out the dog door and me out the door. Trompie is still behind the gate at the sliding door. And there sits Mr. / Mrs. Neighbor Cat on the chicken coop’s roof. Stalking the hens!

Chook’s cackling excitedly and frightened. Dogs are storming. The cat jumped from the roof, he dived with his head through the fence and got stuck. Chooks behind and dogs in the front!

Cat pulls back and flies at top speed over the wire over the side fence and back to his own home.

So glad Trompie was not able to charge too because that could have been the end of the cat.

This was only one exciting act, in my backyard, with my animal actors/players.

18 responses to “Creative Writing: A Play”

    • Ja-nee never a dull moment as diere betrokke is nie. Vanmiddag weer n nuwe jong Schnauzertjie ontmoet. Trompie hou nie daarvan dat die jong outjies hom so in sy baard besnuffel nie. Draai net om en loop weg ewe om te wys wie die baas is. Jong honde is maar wild as hul so die ouer honde ontmoet.


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