Silent Sunday: Passing by this morning.

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23 responses to “Silent Sunday: Passing by this morning.”

    • Beslis waar. Ek hoor meestal die klip-klop van hoewe en gaan kyk wanneer die vrou verby kom. Ooorkant straat was twee perde. Een is nie meer daar van gister nie en die alleen was heel opgewonde om die vrou en haar twee perde te sien. Volle gallop en baie gerunnik.

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    • Yes, four years ago when I moved in here she would ride the horse herself. Her body started to deteriorate because of MS. She used her mobility schooter to take her Jack Russel for walks and then started to take the horses out for a walk. At first the big horse was afraid of the scooter or did not want to walk. Now they have a pony too and the big one is calm and reacts on the way the woman is holding him in when he has to pass parked vehicles or when a car wants to pass them from behind, It’s interesting to watch her and the two horses. It’s been a long time ago since she walked the horses.


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