Mystery Quilt 2018 in the making.

Mystery Quilt

Last year I decided to do a mystery quilt again this year(2018) I picked my colours, a strange combination! I wonder how it will look at the end?

The colours!


I did not do any sewing after receiving the first block in February. We are now in April. I have three blocks to make before no four arrives next week.

The holidays came and are nearly gone.  I took out my sewing machine. Put it on the table and thought maybe the machine would do the sewing without me. I wish! I put the machine away again.

Only one day and the weekend and the school starts on Monday for the winter term. Yesterday I decided – now or never.

First block x4


Second block 4x


Third block x8


Kiwi quilt at last.

At last!

I finished the binding of this quilt the last week of 2015.

It was a mystery quilt from 2013. For ten months you receive a block to finish.

The tenth month you put them together, quilt it and bind it.


Quilt month 4. Poppy or Anzac quilt

Block of the month no 4 had a lot of sewing.

I completed the 36 blocks today.

Pew was time consuming but it is done.

These were the 4 different pieces of material I had to use.

Two purple, two green
Two purple, two green

I had to cut 3″x 3″ squares


Strips worked together to form the block.

36 blocks!

Sewn together
Sewn together

This is how it looks so far. Only one block more!


Quilt: block of the month, month 4

I am  bit late with this months block of the month. I picked it up a week ago. I cut it on Monday and started the sewing on Tuesday and did not finish it all. I thought I’ll finish it off on Wednesday but that did not happen. Millie my friends dog got hold of the cotton reel and chewed it Tuesday evening. I used some other cotton but could not concentrate on it  for long. I still need to finish off the strips of squares and then sew it into blocks of small squares.

Here are the materials for this month.

Two purple, two green
Two purple, two green

Quilt month two: Poppy Quilt

On the first of April I started my 6 month quilt.

The first of May I received my second month block.

Month 2 material
Month 2 material

I had to cut out a square for the middle block

Middle square and strips
Middle square and strips
Middle square + strips
Middle square + strips

Now I have to wait till first of June to receive the third month’s instructions

and material.

Quilt in the making. Block 1(month 1)

Last year  my favorite Quilt shop went to the big

International Quilt Market in Houston.

They came back with many ideas.

I booked myself to get the block of the month.

At last the first block was ready to be picked up on April 1, 2015.

Here are the three pieces of material.

Black of the month 1
Block of the month no 1

I first had to cut strips


Then cut into squares.


String-pieced together.


Cut in the middle.


Iron open and I have made

200 squares!


Now I am waiting for next month and block no 2!