Upside down world. Picture it and write



“What is going on? Why am I not feeling anything? It feels as if I am in a vacuum!”

Katherine slowly opened her eyes. Quickly she shut them again.

“Oh, my head!” The sharp light made her shut her eyes for some time. Then she tried again, opening only one eye. “What is going on with me?” she asked herself again.

“Everything looks just so evasive, but wait!” Concentrating, looking through a little slit of her eye she saw something  unbelievable.

“Wow, that’s beautiful and so clear and bright. It looks as if I am looking at the world through a peephole.” She was so tired, she had to lie still with closed eyes again.

She tried the other eye and saw the same scene.

“Am I hallucinating? Why is everything upside down?  The clouds and sun can’t be under the voilage !”

Katherine passed out again.

The emergency team and police found her, unconscious, between the tall grass and vegetation. She could hear people talking to her. She wanted to ask them why she felt like this. She could not open her eyes again and she drifted off into the surrounding blackness.

“Katherine, Kathy can you hear me?” Katherine recognized the familiar voice of her best friend.

“Everything is okay, Kathy, you are save now. The police caught the people who did this to you.”  Katherine sank into a deep dreamless sleep, away from all the hurt.

239 words.

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