Stairs in the Mango tree: Monday Finish the Story – Sept 21, 2015

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with:  “She lived in a mango tree.”

Frank’s last words before he passed on. Little Sue kept on wondering where the mango tree could be? A mango tree big enough to house a whole home? Impossible but, maybe there could be a tree like that.

Little Sue started asking around. One day she, met an old tramp on the way home from work. He begged for something to eat. Sue invited him in and gave him bacon and eggs.

The tramp started by explaining that Frank and he had been best mates for years. Suddenly the mango tree and  lovely lady came to mind. Both men were  in love with her. She always disappeared after meeting one of them.

One day both men, decided to follow her. They did not know of each other’s movements until they both stood in front of a huge tree with stairs leading up the tree. They looked at each other. Both hurried up the stairs. Reaching the top there was nothing. Just branches and leaves. “How could the lovely lady just disappear in thin air?” the old tramp sobbed.

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Retired teacher interested in anything crafty: Scrap booking, card making, quilting, knitting etc. Everything about animals especially DOGS

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