Serene: The Daily Post Photo Challenge

Ben Huberman says:

This week, share a visual moment of blissful quiet.

Sunset over my place.



 Photo of wild chestnut tree flower which stands on the school ground,

huge and serene.


Anne Frank Tree[edit]

A famous specimen of the horse-chestnut was the Anne Frank Tree in the centre of Amsterdam, which she mentioned in her diary and which survived until August 2010, when a heavy wind blew it over.[22][23] Eleven young specimens, sprouted from seeds from this tree, were transported to the United States. After a long quarantine in Indianapolis, each tree was shipped off to a new home at a notable museum or institution in the United States, such as the 9/11 Memorial Park, Central H.S. in Little Rock, and two Holocaust Centers. One of them was planted outdoors in March 2013 in front of the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, where they were originally quarantined. [3]

11 thoughts on “Serene: The Daily Post Photo Challenge

  1. Met eerste oogopslag dog ek agge nee, dit brand by julle ook. Gelukkig sien ek toe dis die son!!! Pragtige blomme daardie!!!!


    1. THey are full in flowers here. I think there are going to be masses of chestnuts. All is well here. I hope to publish my first part of my Memoirs in about two weeks time. Sounds as if you are also full on the go still although winter is on its way there. Warmly!


  2. Pragtige fotos. Die inligting oor die Anne Frank boom het my gefassineer. Ek het nou nog haar lewensverhaal, haar dagboek. Een van my kosbaarste boeke.


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