Business still going.

My son has a small business, creating electronic boards. Yesterday I helped to put parts into small bags that need to go with the boards themselves. There were not enough name stickers and the printer didn’t want to print. My son fixed the printer and I stuck stickers onto each bag this morning.(60 bags!)

Next I had to put a board and one of the bags with parts into a bag.

Right hand side a board and parts going into a bag.

Yesterday I also started putting parts into a panel with six boards. I could do only eight of the 20 panels because there weren’t enough parts to put in.

Now we have to wait for the order to arrive from over seas.

10 responses to “Business still going.”

  1. You certainly keep busy, Ineke, and it’s nice you are able to help out with your son’s business. I imagine you’re both relived it’s kept going during lockdown. Are you still working at the Infant School, as well – in normal / non-lockdown conditions, I mean? I’m so out of touch with everyone and I know things can change. Look after yourself.


    1. I’m also glad that the business is still kind of going. I decided last week to hand in my resignation at the school. I’m still on the list of vulnerable over 70 people. I’ve got to look after myself now and being in contact with that many children and parents isn’t the best thing at the moment.


  2. Lekker om saam met jou seun te kan werk


    1. Ja, dit is so. Ek is so trots op hom met wat hy al vermag het dat ek met liefde hom help om vooruit te gaan.


  3. Wie het nou ooit kon dink jy word ‘n fabriekwerker! ❤


    1. Ja jong, never a dull moment. Dit hou my besig!

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  4. Hoe lekker besig het jy gebly, en dit saam met jou seun.🥰


    1. ERgste is hy is besig in die garage terwyl ek moet wag vir die geswysde bordjies waar ek dan die dele insit. Dis egter lekker om vir hom te kan n koffietjie maak en n beskuitjie by te gaan gee. Ons is ook nog op afstand weg van mekaar af. Ek kla nie. Hy was hier naby my.


  5. Wow Very interesting indeed!


    1. Thanks Jan, it is different but very interesting to do it too.


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