A person in my life who understood and touched me.

On Saturday evening, I received an unexpected WhatsApp call from Adrie, a valuable friend in South Africa. Surprising because we haven’t communicated in more than a year.

Why am I writing about Adrie? 

Our friendship is unique. I met Adrie on a “scrap away week”.

All happened on the spur of the moment. My son left to explore New Zealand in February 2005. I was all on my own. I committed my mornings to teaching and some afternoons to scrapbook classes. 

One day I spotted an advertisement about a so-called “scrap away” long weekend. I reserved my place. 

I had to travel from Potgietersrus (Mokopane) to a resort near Rustenburg (3h 22min or a distance of 306 km)

Omaramba resort, near  Buffelspoort Dam, was just incredible. 

I had to share the accommodation. The group of ladies had a proper start the first evening. Karen, the organizer, told me that my roommate would be late because she still had to work until late. 

Adrie turned up just after ten. She presented me with a little background in her ways of looking at things. She brought her own bedding and towels.

I thought:” I wonder how this would work between the two of us?”

I allowed her to pick the bed and use whatever space she needed. Adrie is a well-qualified lector at a hospital and university. Everything had to be in place. I respected her, and she appreciated it. That year we started with an annual outing scrapping together. 

We skipped 2006 but went again in 2007. This time was also at Omaramba. We knew everything and could enjoy every minute. Adrie and I exchanged photos of our family life, and we learned a lot about each other.

 2008, the venue was different and near Mokopane. We both agreed that we would go because I was on my way to move to New Zealand. It was the best scrap away I had, sharing the apartment with Adrie . This resort was in a private game reserve. I took some lovely pictures.

2009, I moved to NZ. We kept in contact by writing. A year later (2010), I had to go back to South Africa because my PR did not come through on time. Adrie suggested that she and her husband pick me up at OR Tambo airport, and I could visit her for a week in Potchefstroom. The week with my friend allowed me to understand more about her and her hard life in the past. She also organized some outings, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

I came back to NZ, and we kept on writing. Then, she could not see that well anymore, and the letter-writing stopped. Her husband passed away a few years ago, and she sent me a mixed up letter. She was confused for a long time. 

We chatted to each other on the phone at the start of last year’s lockdown in 2020. 

Then the call came on Saturday(17/04/2021) evening, and we had a catch-up for over  30 minutes. I treasure her friendship; she understands me and knows where I’m coming from.

Happy children. The best friends. ⬇ Vector Image by © M_A_R_G_O | Vector  Stock 90006500


11 responses to “Creative Writing: A special friend.”

  1. VirgoC Avatar

    Friends are the flowers in our lives🌻


  2. Forestwood Avatar

    A lovely story of enduring friendship

    Liked by 1 person

    1. scrapydo2.wordpress.com Avatar

      Thanks Amanda, this friend will always be in my mind the same with you too.


  3. appeltjie Avatar

    My favourite saying: memories are made of this

    Liked by 1 person

    1. scrapydo2.wordpress.com Avatar

      That’s for sure.


  4. Tannie Frannie Avatar

    Mens se vriendinne is absoluut kosbaar!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. scrapydo2.wordpress.com Avatar

      Dit is so veral as mens werklik mekaar verstaan en ondersteun ook.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Una Avatar

    So ń vriendskap is een wat altyd gekoester sal word, Scrapy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. scrapydo2.wordpress.com Avatar

      Beslis so. Sy is n juweel om te ken.


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