FFfAW week 5. 3/18/2015

FFfAW Week of 3/18/2015


Here we are. We are supposed to enter  through the roof.

I don’t know how we are going to succeed if we are still down in the garden without any equipment to climb the wall.

We were supposed to land  on top of the roof. The wind was blowing in the right direction while we were gliding. We had to land onto the roof as soon as we were near. It  would have been successful. But…..

Suddenly the wind  swirled around into the other direction away from the house. We quickly had to decide to anyway land as near as possible. That is where we  are now, in a very difficult situation.  We will never be in a position so that nobody would discover us. Our secret meeting with the judge is just 10 minutes away…….

A very important meeting blown away in the wind.

148 words


18 responses to “FFfAW week 5. 3/18/2015”

  1. Cute story! I am wondering about this secret meeting with the judge? What was that all about? Did they get to meet and if so was it in secret? Great story Scrapydotwo!


    • Beslis gekinkel! Ek geniet die kortetjies baie. Ek hoef nie te veel te sê nie. Ek moes selfs maklik 20 woorde uitvee om by 150 woorde te bly. Het so lekker geskryf!

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  2. Nicely done, Scrapydo. You’ve painted an amusing scene. We see people up in the air, gliding towards the house, only to be blown in the opposite direction and frantically trying to find somewhere to land. The last line is very fitting! You also leave us wondering what this important meeting is all about. 🙂


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