Day 15 : LAUGH – 31 Days of FMFW

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Day 15


Laughing is the best and cheapest medication on earth. Happy people are healthy people.

Every Wednesday I go to the Mayfair Cafe for a cup of tea with some dear friends. We talk about all that is happening in our lives. Usually when we have exchanged the problems and illnesses we move on and talk about things that are light hearted and make us laugh. There is always one who would start laughing and the next is that we are all joining in the fun.

I sometimes laugh out loud when I see my dog Trompie and his girlfriend Molly playing. I am at my son’s place looking after their two Yorkies and Trompie. Every morning when I open up the two Yorkies they rush into the bedroom looking for their Human parents. Then the playing starts. Molly is a real jack in the box. Up and down, on and off the bed. Sometimes she even stands on her head. Trompie is usually right behind her. She also love to jump on top of Trompie.

This whole playing episode each morning makes me laugh every time they do it.

Without laughter life would be a pain and very dull. Keep on laughing and enjoy life!

6 thoughts on “Day 15 : LAUGH – 31 Days of FMFW

  1. Wens ek kon julle groepie join, ek het lag so bitter nodig in my lewe…. maar dit ontwyk my op die oomblik.


    1. Ai dit is gladnie lekker om nie n “lyntjie” te hê om aan vas te hou om net te ontspan nie! So n weeklikse kuiertjie is voedsel vir die siel. Ek dink baie aan jou! Mis jou as jy nie opvolg nie.(Ek verstaan egter gedeeltelik wat jy deurmaak – onvoorspelbaar!) Liefde vir jou


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