Winter is upon us.

June started with downpours, strong winds and drop in temperature. Today was a holiday to celebrate the Queens birthday. It was a glorious morning, a bit chilly at first but later it turned out warm and sunny.

Sheep in the paddock

I also had a visit from the family on Sunday.

Bea and I played with some of my jewelry. The photos are not that good but it shows how Bea enjoyed picking up ever piece and move it from one place to another.

27 thoughts on “Winter is upon us.

  1. That looks like an awesome visit you had with Bea. She is just so adorable! Mom says it reminded her of the times she played with her Granny’s jewellery and it was so much fun. She says she can see Bea enjoyed it very much. You are a great Granny! 😀

    Those sheep are so cute. When I saw the photo it made me think of “Mary had a little lamb”. 😀

    You must have a great day and give Trompie lots of hugs and kisses from us. 😊😘💕


    1. Those sheep are just across the road from us. We always have a talk with the sheep. Bea is a lovely little girl grandma enjoys every moment with her.
      Hope you have an awesome day. We had more rain again today en tonight is going to be rainy too. High paws to you my friend.

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      1. You are so lucky! I bet they talk a lot as well. 😀

        I am glad grandma enjoys her. She is just so cute! 😀

        I sure will and I wish for you and your Mom the same Trompie. Enjoy the rain. High paws to you too. 😘👍💕

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          1. Haha! I bet they wonder who this cute fluffy is that’s staring at them. 😀

            Oh, biscuits are yummy! You must tell her she must put the biscuit in your mouth. 😀

            You and your Mom must have a lovely day as well. 😘

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  2. Ek kan my verwonder aan die manier wat kleintjies speel. Hulle konsentrasie is so absoluut en hulle raak in vervoering oor klein dingetjies. Is dit nie heerlik om so nou en dan die wêreld deur hulle oë te sien nie?


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