Quilt: 2018 Mystery quilt

2018 came and was gone before I had time to do the sewing every month. I thought it would help me to do the monthly Mystery quilt pieces. It did not work out. Everything went well for the first three months, the next three month also! That gave me six of the blocks. The last three blocks were just waiting to be sewn. It did not happen in 2018!

The last Thursday in January 2019 I decided to sit and finish off the top.

At last, it is only the top of the quilt. The side strips are still waiting and then the batting and back need to be purchased before quilting can be done. Sigh! Still, a lot to do before it is ready to go on my single bed.

The last blocks

Working them in strips

In bigger blocks

All sewn into one piece

End result!

What do you think about the colours?


Mystery Quilt 2018: Blocks 4, 5 and 6

The holidays are nearly over and I’ve not done much on my to-do list. This morning I grabbed my sewing machine and in about two and a half hours I completed blocks four, five and six of 2018’s mystery quilt.

Block Four

Block five

Block six

I enjoyed sewing these blocks together. There are four of each block. Now I have to wait for the last three blocks before we get the finished picture to complete the quilt top. There is going to be a reveal night end November.

Mystery Quilt 2018 in the making.

Mystery Quilt

Last year I decided to do a mystery quilt again this year(2018) I picked my colours, a strange combination! I wonder how it will look at the end?

The colours!


I did not do any sewing after receiving the first block in February. We are now in April. I have three blocks to make before no four arrives next week.

The holidays came and are nearly gone.  I took out my sewing machine. Put it on the table and thought maybe the machine would do the sewing without me. I wish! I put the machine away again.

Only one day and the weekend and the school starts on Monday for the winter term. Yesterday I decided – now or never.

First block x4


Second block 4x


Third block x8


Blogging from A-Z: Letter Q


The word “quilt” comes from the Latin culcita meaning a stuffed sack, but it came into the English language from the French word cuilte.[1] The origins of quilting remain unknown, but sewing techniques of piecing, appliqué, and quilting have been used for clothing and furnishings in diverse parts of the world for several millennia.

The earliest known quilted garment is depicted on the carved ivory figure of a Pharaoh of the Egyptian First Dynasty, about 3400 BC.


Quilting is the process of sewing of two or more layers of fabric together to make a thicker padded material, usually to create a quiltor quilted garment. Typically, quilting is done with three layers: the top fabric or quilt top, batting or insulating material and backing material.

Here are some of the quilts I’ve quilted.


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Aangesien ek afgetree was of te wel werkloos was toe ek in Nieu Zealand geland het, het ek alles wat kunsvlyt is gedoen om besig te bly. Ek het dit ook gedoen om mense te ontmoet. Hier is n “Womens Centre” waar vroue wat sukkel om kop bo water te hou teen n minimale bedraggie allerhande vaardighede kan leer. Dis meestal vir vier tot ses weke , een oggend of aand per week.

Die klasse was lekker en het my aandag afgelei van die alleen-wees gedurende die dag. Ek het vriende gemaak met een van die dames wat fotoplakwerk aangebied het. Lang storie kort-

ek het by haar begin om kwilte te maak. Ek het eers haar kwilte wat nog gekwilt moes word vir haar gedoen. Alles met die hand. Ek het toe later kotkwilte gemaak om te verkoop op kunsmarkte. Die materiaal is duur en dan die tyd wat gebruik word om te kwilt kan eintlik nie vergoed word met geld nie. Selfs die masjien kwilt is duur om dit te laat doen.

Dis meer n liefdes werk.

n Paar ekstra “Q”s





I met Kaffe Fassett last night

Last night was an awesome night. My friend and I sat in the front row of the theatre where Kaffe Fassett explained how and why he started his knitting and patchwork designs and patterns.

He wore the same shirt as in the video clip.


It was a wonderful experience to hear him speak and look at the examples of his designs.

Quilt month 4. Poppy or Anzac quilt

Block of the month no 4 had a lot of sewing.

I completed the 36 blocks today.

Pew was time consuming but it is done.

These were the 4 different pieces of material I had to use.

Two purple, two green
Two purple, two green

I had to cut 3″x 3″ squares


Strips worked together to form the block.

36 blocks!

Sewn together
Sewn together

This is how it looks so far. Only one block more!


Quilt: block of the month, month 4

I am  bit late with this months block of the month. I picked it up a week ago. I cut it on Monday and started the sewing on Tuesday and did not finish it all. I thought I’ll finish it off on Wednesday but that did not happen. Millie my friends dog got hold of the cotton reel and chewed it Tuesday evening. I used some other cotton but could not concentrate on it  for long. I still need to finish off the strips of squares and then sew it into blocks of small squares.

Here are the materials for this month.

Two purple, two green
Two purple, two green